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2019 Bid Schedule

City Carrier Posting No. 207445 FP    Opening Date: 09-05-2019 / Closing Date: 09-15-2019

Final Award Notice for City Carrier Posting No. 205515 FA - Effective: 08-31-2019

All 631xx Office bidders may refer to the attached Vacancy Notice or the notice posted at your local office for bidding. Please note the "Opening" and "Closing" dates on the notice. Make sure you use the correct "Job ID#" for each vacancy you are bidding on.

You may bid by phone at 1-800-222-2415 or on the USPS web page LiteBlue at

We strongly recommend all bidders get a confirmation number and/or a printed copy of your bids.

All other Associate Offices should refer to your local office bid postings and procedures.

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